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[2009世界魔術頒獎典禮]The 2009 World Magic Awards 720p HDTV

<img src="" alt="" /><br /><br />File size : 2.28 GiB<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Duration : 1h 26mn<br />

一個羅賓大師教授的扑克魔術 - 請跟我來

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Polaroid Change - B.Smith

官網 <a href=""></a><br /><br /><img alt="" src="" /><br /><br />The 1-on-1 training section was updated tonight with a new video from the mind of B. Smith - Polaroid Change.<br /><br />Fresh from the underground New York magic scene comes the Polaroid Change by B. Smith. A method never before tipped until now. A card is shaken like a Polaroid and it instantly, visually changes into another card.<br /><br />Every detail is covered, including angles and practice tips on how to perfect the change. Learn two versions of the change in complete detail, shot on the streets of NYC.<br />


硬幣入門最推薦的一部教學,內容幾乎包含了所有基本的技巧,如fingerpalm,classic palm和thumbpalm等<br /><br />硬幣老手也決不容錯過,除了加深基本功力外,一些巧妙的應用絕對值得一看<br /><br />以下為教學片目錄<br /><br />Fingerpalm <br /><br />Classic Palm <br /><br />Thumbpalm <br /><br />Getting into Thumbpalm <br /><br />Back Thumbpalm <br /><br />Downs Palm <br /><br />The Back Clip <br /><br />Finger Clip <br /><br />Deep Back Clip <br /><br />A Sure Bet <br /><br />The Phone Home Pen <br /><br />Double Your Money <br /><br />Completely Gone! <br /><br />What's That In Your Ear <br /><br />Coin from Tie <br /><br />Tricky Trousers <br /><br />Natural Lay of the Hand <br /><br />Simple Take <br /><br />Simple Put <br /><br />Schneider Vanish <br /><br />Le Tourniquet <br /><br />Reverse French Drop <br /><br />Classic Fake Transfer <br /><br />The Slide Vanish <br /><br />Friction Palm <br /><br />Spider Vanish <br /><br />Silver Dollar to Quarters <br /><br />Half Dollar to 5 Dimes <br /><br />Coin Thru Table <br /><br />Simple Coins Across <br /><br />Misdirection <br /><br />The Magic Wand <br /><br />Revolve Load <br /><br />Thumbpalm Load <br /><br />Sonic Squeeze <br /><br />Copper/Silver Transposition <br /><br />Produce and Complete Vanish <br /><br />Timing <br /><br />Coin to Key <br /><br />Gone! <br /><br />1 Minute Coin Vanish <br /><br />The Thieves, Sheep and the Barn <br />

Oz Pearlman Perfection

表演連教學影片 , 是 flv 格式<br />

Magic of Paul Potassy

<span class="adbriteinline"><span name="KonaBody">Magic of Paul Potassy DVD 1.avi : parlor show<br />Magic of Paul Potassy DVD 2.avi : parlor explanation <br />Magic of Paul Potassy DVD 3.avi : close-up show and close-up explanation<br /><br /></span></span><span class="adbriteinline"><span name="KonaBody">Trailer 1.mp4 : <a href=" a part of his close-up show"> a part of his close-up show</a><br />Trailer 2.mp4 : <a href=" the first trick of his parlor show"> the first trick of his parlor show</a></span></span><br />

Dan Sperry - The Gypsy Thread

<span class="adbriteinline"><span name="KonaBody">Award winning magician Dan Sperry teaches the classic Gypsy Thread effect. An ordinary length of thread is broken into several smaller segments. Instantly, under impossible conditions - and in a completely fair manner - the pieces are restored back to their original state. The thread is restored.<br /><br /><a href=""></a></span></span>

David Stone- Window

示範影片 :<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br /><br /><span class="adbriteinline"><span name="KonaBody">WINDOW by David Stone is not like anything else.<br /><br />Card through glass effects cost upward of $300 and usually require complicated setups or bizarre gimmicks. Until now it&rsquo;s been difficult to gain visual appeal and still keep your wallet full.<br /><br />The trick plays out in real life exactly like the <a id="KonaLink0" target="undefined" class="kLink" style="text-decoration: underline ! important; position: static;" href=""><font color="blue" style="color: blue ! important; font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-weight: 400; font-size: 12px; position: static;"><span class="kLink" style="color: blue ! important; font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-weight: 400; font-size: 12px; position: static;">trailer</span></font></a>. Watch yourself do it in the mirror and rip your eyes out.<br /><br />There are six routines given in the DVD but you ll come up with your own.<br /><br />Basically, a selected card pentrates the glass, then changes into a different selected card while that one is behind glass.<br /><br />There&rsquo;s a beautiful gimmick INCLUDED. The gimmick takes an hour and a half to manufacture but David Stone makes each one himself by hand. *<br /><br />How hard is WINDOW? Easier than Tarantula but harder than the Ball &amp; Vase. You won&rsquo;t have problems. <br /><br />There are several ways to perform the effect. In the most difficult routine you do a force and a top change. In the easiest you simply make the card change behind glass. <br /><br />The reset is instant.<br /><br />You&rsquo;ll have a perfect time making your reputation with WINDOW. Order it today.<br /><br /> * Ultra Visual<br /> * Instant reset<br /> * Unlimited Possibilities<br /> * Hand the card out and leave it with the spectator<br /> * Training by FISM winner David Stone<br /> * 6 Complete routines<br /> * Hand-made sturdy gimmick INCLUDED<br /> * No one ever sees the gimmick or knows it s there<br /> * Access to Ellusionist Protected WINDOW FORUM to discuss new creative routines and performance notes</span></span><br />

經典魔術 水和油 Oil &amp; Water

<img src="" alt="" /><br /><br />示範影片 :<br /><a href=""></a><br />

[理論 11 系列作品] Apollo Robbins - VCR Change

官網介紹<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />Youtube 上的示範影片<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br /><img src="" alt="" /><br />