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Joshua Jay - Premises & Presentations

The Effect

This isn't an explanation of a new move or color change. This is something we think will be even more valuable to you:

A collection of eight high-concept routines, each built upon an engaging premise.

These routines come straight from Joshua Jay's working repertoire. They're audience-tested and performance ready. And they're packed with eye-popping, brain-busting card magic so there's lots to learn!

You'll learn

    * Poker Opener by Joshua Jay - Magician is finally ready to teach his techniques, but there's more magic happening than anybody's aware.

    * A Lot of Trouble by Joshua Jay - Magician is a poker genius who has the ability to magically change cards to make the perfect hand.

    * Thumbstruck by Joshua Jay - Magician is injured in a bizarre surfing accident and attempts to find card with one hand.

    * Applause by Joshua Jay - Magician gets the audience into the act by cuing them to applaud every time they see the "applause" card... but following the "applause" card isn't as easy as it seems!

    * Flashcards by Joshua Jay - Magician can create miracles with a deck constructed out of note cards.

    * Hare Raiser by Joshua Jay - Magician uses lucky rabbit's foot to find cards, but when it fails there's a special surprise.

    * Strings Attached by Joshua Jay - Magician eliminates every type of trick card imaginable and still pulls a fast one over on us.

    * Waltzing Cheek to Cheek by Joshua Jay - The special couple takes the stage as the magician makes their connection and their special day even more memorable.

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